Wednesday, September 2, 2009

450€ orange juice

I just got my new wedding band. A spontaneous visit into Cartier in Place Vendome resulted in my husband buying me this ring. Love it. The tricolored intertwined bands are a cult item that has been newly revisited this year. The rose gold band now bears the Cartier stamp on the outside- the 2009 interpretation of a classic.  The whole experience was unforgettable and surreal. The Rue de la Paix location is the original, oldest Cartier flagship store. The glass ceilings lent light to the mirrors echoing the cases filled with diamonds, sapphires, rubies and more. A grand central staircase led to the second level where salespeople pulled drawers of stock and once taken to the pending customers, was substituted for little tokens. An amusing system for security and customers alike. I suspect the process is itself historic. Once an assistant is beckoned, and the admired pieces are noted, you take your place on the couch and are offered a beverage. My heart was thumping. Were we in over our heads? Can you really call the bluff of being interested in buying Cartier jewelry? Can you back out if you feel queasy? 
Yet the contemplation of rings and purchases was an easy one. The classic trinity ring was a no-brainer and instantly individual. Once the ring was procured, beverages are again offered and the endearing traditions of a Cartier purchase begin: the authenticity booklet is written and wax-sealed, the piece is inspected and placed in the infamous, classic Cartier red box and the deluxe Cartier bag is discreetly placed in a plain white one with a cover. 
My daughter loved the store also, and even at a mere 3 months it's easy to understand why. The reflections of jewels and mirrors was awe-inspiring. Before finally being led to the exit, we were greeted with smiles that evoked our welcome to the Cartier world. Or as my husband put it, "I can't believe I just paid 450€ for an orange juice!"

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