Thursday, September 3, 2009

Power Plate my5

I just recently tried this machine even though it's been sitting in my house for almost a year. Obviously it's not pregnancy safe, so there goes 9 months, plus some recovery time and finally a messy room to work through. 
I was so excited of the potential outcome of this equipment, but after trying it I have to admit I'm more than dismayed. Perhaps it was just my lack of finesse with it, but it's extremely awkward to say the least. My husband failed to give me the heads up about standing straight up while it's vibrating and needless to say, I was instantly and simultaneously nauseous, dizzy and panicked. You feel your bones shaking and your teeth chattering like you're a rocket about to take off or explode (whichever comes first!). When you finally get the form down, and put a bend in your knees you are immediately in one of the fundamental poses, the squat. You feel your muscles tense and if your position is correct, an intense burn ensues. The key to this machine is the form of your body. You should really master the chart of poses indicating muscle usage. Otherwise you'll just end up with a new-age massage (which is indeed one of the functions of the machine). This workout is obviously for the already trim, in which case it promises to tone muscles, strengthen your core, enhance flexibility and improve circulation. 
After much cardio time, this could indeed become my new best friend. But as it stands of late, I didn't feel the post-work out fatigue that I'm accustomed to. Only time will tell. But if the theory of the Power Plate is correct, the possibilities are endless and the benefits numerous. Check out for more information. 

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