Friday, September 4, 2009

Rihanna Vogue Italia

Photographer Steven Klein did a photoshot with Rihanna for Vogue Italia's September issue. The shoot was entitled "Extreme Couture". These pics are INTENSE! Supposedly this shoot was the reason she did her newest haircut with the shaved sides. She even manages to make pointed nails work, which she's also been wearing regularly. These photos make me wanna get on my war paint and take the city (or more appropriately, "run this town"..ha)! For me, Rihanna has been a fashion inspiration and I would venture to say she's the most stylish celebrity today. Whether you love or hate her fashion sense, she steps out daily with 100% effort.  Definitely a motivation for me to get out of the house and check out Parisian if only I had an unlimited budget!! 

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