Friday, September 4, 2009

My newest beauty obsession, Illamasqua make-up

This line of British makeup has just made its way to America via Sephora stores. What a shame it's still not available here in Paris!! Known for the dramatic and professional quality of its products this line is akin to Make Up For Ever.  What's especially unique about Illamasqua is it's message of acceptance for alternative beauty. This isn't just stuff to make you 'pretty' but to transform and as their tag line notes, bring out your "alter ego". Intense pigments and super high quality products that do what they say therefore there's little need to have 15 foundations (like MAC for example). My theory with beauty products has always been that the quality of the products will speak by the quantity in the line. I prefer the company reformulates and perfects something rather than create more products- but that is is a marketing choice that speaks volumes about the integrity of a makeup line and their reputation. What will earn more dollars- having a constant product turnaround so the market is inundated with products or word-of-mouth where your products speak for themselves and reach cult status? Perhaps a little too philosophical for this review post--but Illamasqua, so far, is headed in the right direction. 
The line boasts crazy color assortments and varieties, some of the best and most matte eyeshadows on the market and products that can multitask (pencils for both eyes and lips, primers that change the finish of their foundations). Intense glosses and lipsticks in colors that are unique and refreshing (I myself love the purple lipstick/gloss combo in 'underworld'/'fierce'), with again lots of matte options. Their nail polish has some of the trendiest, unique options available, not to mention superb wear. The website offers online shopping, various tutorials and looks and tips. Highly interactive and quite fun;


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